Custom wall sculpture for Bob Vineyard
Hannie Goldgewicht & Leo Gotlibowski

Custom wall sculpture for Bob Vineyard

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Custom commissioned copper wall sculpture with hand formed pieces and thrown ceramic discs with woven pine needles.

As discussed the sculpture will be a mix between a Reflections and a larger Broken Horizon and will include approximately 7-9 ceramic discs with pine needle basketry.  
The larger discs will be thrown and be in a dark burnt orange and the rest will be in slight variations of the orange tones. Smaller ceramics cup shapes will also be included. 
There will be variations in the depth but will keep the maximum  to 2 1/2”. The majority will be approximately 2”  

Allow approximately 4 weeks to complete. 


the sculpture  ships in two sections with simple to follow installation instructions and hardware. 

Artist signature is engraved in on a ceramic disc on the bottom right corner. 

Dimensions: 72"x 30”x2” 

Approximate weight of each section of the sculpture 10lbs

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