Pottery to go kit
Pottery to go kit
Pottery to go kit
Hannie Goldgewicht & Leo Gotlibowski

Pottery to go kit

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Stay creative while you’re stuck at home! You’ll get a box that includes everything you’ll need to work in clay at your own house. Pay online, schedule a home delivery,  pick up at a meeting spot ( 6’ apart) or drop off at our home studio in Tarzana. Watch a tutorial to follow the correct procedures to make sure your pieces and clay stay moist.  I will also explain how to reuse any unused clay. 

Once you’ve finished with your projects and seal them so they don’t dry we will schedule to pick up or drop off. 

Once the pieces are fired we will coordinate again so that you can glaze your pieces.  


Each kit will include 3lbs of clay( enough for a couple of projects depending on size)

slip (aka glue)

All the tools needed

cutting string

Working mat

Plastic container to transport your pieces and keep them moist.

2 kiln firings


You can also purchase extra clay if you would like to work on more projects at once.

The extra clay kits include the clay, both firings and glaze. The “Pottery to go kit” only needs to be purchased once. But you can continue to make as many projects as you want with the extra clay kits.

I will also be checking in via Zoom or FaceTime and I will be adding downloadable tutorials with projects. 

Video tutorial will be added regularly. 

After you place an order we will contact you to schedule drop off or pick up. 

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