Limited Edition Collaboration Vases With Franz Keilhofer

These turned wood cylinders were made from green (un-seasoned) oak. These trees grew in Franz Keilhofer’s  neighborhood and were taken down in a storm some years ago. Since then the wood has been stored outside where it didn't dry but ripened so it developed its character (like a good wine).

The brightest ones were left untreated and have only been brushed and oiled.

The darker ones have been treated with a water-lime solution that dried together with the wood creating a rich brownish color. The lime was brushed off entirely. A coat of oil protects the surface.

The other brown ones have been "fumed" with ammonia. The tannins in the wood caused it to darken to a chocolate brown. Then they are brushed and oiled.

The black ones have been treated with a vinegar steel-wool solution. The iron acetate creates a dark black when reacting with the oak tannins. They are them brushed and oiled. 

All of the cylinders have a  tool finish, meaning there was no sandpaper involved. All warping appeared naturally during the drying process.

The bottom was cut flat after drying to assure they stand well.

The vases then embarked on a  journey from Germany to Los Angeles California where I had the pleasure to weave on to them, pine needles using the coiling technique.

The design concept behind these vases is clean lines, simple silhouettes, allowing for a minimalist feel yet packed with earthy texture. 

Please Visit @gingerwoodturner on instagram or to learn more about his work