Hannie Goldgewicht grew up surrounded by natural beauty, nestled in the mountains of Costa Rica. Since childhood her fascination with all forms of art, led her to explore and experiment with every type of creative medium she could find. She has worked with clay, metal, wood, stone, paper, glass and found objects including pine needles and other natural fibers.

Hannie sat at the potter’s wheel for the first time at the age of 3 when she got her first ball of clay. Her childhood was full of crafts learning to use a torch to solder and form jewelry from her mother. She graduates with honors from the school of fine arts at the Universidad de Costa Rica with an emphasis in Sculpture. She traveled through Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America observing and being influenced by the different cultures. It was on a trip to Argentina where she came across for the first time with pine needle basketry learning the technique from master fiber artist Delfa Deriu. She now lives in Los Angeles where she continues to learn and experiment.

Hannie ́s passion for color, design and nature come together with her line of simple clean forms that have the rustic feel of the earth, from the clay and pine needles. It is the coming together of two of techniques to create distinctive pieces that blend with harmony.
Each piece is hand thrown on a potter’s wheel. After trimming, firing and finishing with different painting techniques and patinas, Hannie then starts the weaving around the rim. The needles are handpicked, selected and cleaned then weaved with waxed thread using the coiling method.

Hannie has won over 10 awards at juried art festival across California including 3 Best In Show. She has been featured in the prestigious American Craft Council Magazine, and has had her art selected for the Pasadena Showcase House on several occasions. Her work has been accepted to various international Biennales and was an invited artist to the Cheongju International Craft Biennale in Korea.

Leo Gotlibowski was born and raised in Buenos Aires Argentina. His family was in the jewelry manufacturing business and from an early age he was introduced in a world of designing, prototyping, model making and casting. At the same time he was captivated by the magic of movie features, sculpture and animation. He studied model making for film with master model maker Danielle Verse. He worked with her in Buenos Aires for many years in as Art director, Sculptor and model maker for theme parks like the Disney animation festival (Argentina), Buenos Aires zoo, Mar del Plata aquarium as well as for advertising and feature films.
He worked and lived in Costa Rica where he met his artist wife Hannie Goldgewicht Together they  combine their talent as artists. They have worked together on many projects. They received high praise for their work for the Costa Rican Pre-Columbian Gold Museum where 8 life size human indigenous sculptures they made are on permanent display.

In 2007 they moved to Los Angeles to embark on a new creative life.